Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reflection on class discussion:Transgender Women

I learned a lot from the class discussion we had about Transgender people. I now understand that a transwoman is a man who has chosen to live his life as a woman. The class discussion also helped me eliminate the preconception that a transperson always wants to undergo an operation to change their sex. The conversation opened me up to a lot of things that I have seen that I never really questioned. Like why do I always imagine a transperson as a man dressing as a woman and why not the other way around. 

I had mentioned a video of  a Latina, more specifically Puerto Rican transwoman named 'Mauricia'. The video is titled Love Match: Mauricia I  , it is a  parody about a 'transexual from the Lower East Side' who is making this dating video because she needs someone to 'pay for her tits.' I feel like I love the way he talks because he especially captured the way a lot of older Puerto Rican women sound when they talk. I loved this video when I first saw it and now I wonder if it's just because he was representing Puerto Ricans and transwomen. This video has an estimate of 2, 600, 000 views and I am beginning to question why. All the comments are quotations of what she says, for example:

im a woman living inside what use to be a man's body, thats god's mistake thats not my fault, that jesus christ mess up.. he made a mistake.. but i need science to fix that shit!
Dasss it!!!! LMAOO

I really love that he says he wants to go to Brazil because 'dey not so stuck up on this shit." When Mauricia says that she is referring to the homophobia she experiences in New York. Is it better for the trans community to have any kind of exposure or do you see videos like this as harmful?

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