Friday, May 18, 2012

Media Moment: "MAKERS"

The class is Women and Media for a reason, it’s where we’ve identified, analyzed and looked critically at how media perceives women. I think MAKERS.COM, a video initiative supported by AOL and PBS and presented by Simple (a skincare line) is a wonderful tool to hear from trailblazing women we see all the time, or may not even have heard of at all.

The videos are truly inspiring- some are relatable and some may change your perspective on things. Each woman interviewed tells of family, background and present-day stories that have shaped her into the woman she is now. It’s intriguing to get such different perspectives from different religions, cultures, occupations, lifestyles etc. I also think that since we’ve become such a YouTube generation, the way in which this initiative is set-up with full videos of the speaker, viewers are able to see their reaction, their facial expressions and feel the emotion in their voice making it a real and impressive interaction.

Many images in the media about men are terrible and show a side that isn’t worth paying attention to. What I’ve wondered was would there be serious backlash had there been a website created for boys, preteen and young guys to hear from successful men? Is there a website like that now or will there ever be one? 

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