Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Media Moment-Eva Longoria:"Mitt Romney is on the wrong side of every issue that pertains to Latinos"

Recently, or a couple of weeks ago, in class we discussed Eva Longoria. Many people, not including me, believe that on her show she is bad for the Latina community. She is just another hindering stereotype. However, as an actress I believe she is a puppet to an extent. She will play into certain roles for publicity. This article I found, contradicts her as someone who is not looking out for her people. She is an active memeber in politics.

After reading this article, do you believe that Eva Longoria hinders the Latina community. Her character in a fictional world may to some, but the real Eva is different.

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  1. Eva Longoria is a college graduate Latin American woman whose public image like most other celebrities is completely fictitious. She’s a branded commodity; I wouldn't take any of her "junk politics" comments seriously. At times i feel that celebrities try to create a sense of intimacy with their audience since in reality much of the issues that affect us don’t apply to them.