Thursday, May 3, 2012

Media Moment, "Gender Discrimination"

In Missoula, Montana authorities were failing to aggressively investigate sexual assault reports; citing more than 80 reported rapes there during the past three years. There have been 11 student-related sex assault cases that have surfaced in the recent months. The federal investigation is focusing on complaints that local law enforcement has failed to properly investigate and prosecute sexual assaults on women in Missoula due to gender discrimination.
I was watching CNN News this evening and came across this story. I found it very disturbing that these cases are not being treated properly because of gender discrimination. It just makes me weary of law enforcement. They’re supposed to be like ‘big brother,’ always watching out. This story makes me wonder, if authorities are beating around the bush about sexual assaults on women, what else have they been getting away with? I guess there is no end in the near future to gender discrimination.
I really liked this quote, “The investigation comes in the midst of an election year in which women’s issues have moved to the forefront as candidates seek to burnish their credentials among female voters.”

Why do you think this case was brought to light specifically in the media, when there is gender discrimination happening all the time, everywhere?

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