Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reflection on a Class Discussion

We watched the 1st pilot for "All American Girl" in one of our classes and I really  enjoyed it. I have never seen a clip of this sitcom before, but felt that I can really relate to it as an individual when I saw it. I believe some viewers were angered by this show, possibly due to stereotyping. But I have come to realize that no show or movie will ever make everyone happy, there will always be some criticism. I think in another class discussion we talked about how some people are more okay with a director of a movie or tv show being the same race as the actors because they would have a better character portrayal. I think that statement came from an article we read, but I can't agree with it totally either, as I have seen some people being disappointed in movies that Tyler Perry has made, even though he shares the same color as his actors. Also, if you think of stereotypes in movies or tv, it's usually there for humor, but to a certain extent of course.

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