Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reflection on Class discussion: Gay Lesbian Transgender

One of the lingering thoughts I had after these last couple of classes revolved around Prof. Feder's statement after our first session on the LGBT community. She had brought up the question of what if being Gay or Lesbian was a choice and not necessary rooted in science. So what if people decided that they wanted to be Gay or Lesbian. Does the idea that science can possibly explain a person's sexual preference diminish the power of choice an individual has? This notion stuck with me the last couple of weeks and has challenged how I am viewing and engaging in this topic with others. By leaning to much on the hope of science to provide justification for the LGBT community I think people are missing the mark as to the central point of discussion which is diminishing an individuals freedom of choice. When we start to lean more towards this side I believe the playing field in conversation becomes more balanced even for those against rights for the LGBT community. Science in my opinion does not solve or settle the dilema of persons personal convictions about this discussion and thus more universal language and methods should be considered, and equality of choice I believe is one of those routes.

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