Friday, May 4, 2012

Reflection on class discussion: Workshop groups

Today, we had ample time to go over and workshop our thesis in small groups. I found myself very frustrated having to pick my own topic for the final paper. Sometimes I like when professors allow us to choose our own topics for research analysis, but sometimes I also prefer a set paper topic. I came into class today with a very bland outline and an idea of what I wanted to write about, just didn't know how to construct it. After we spent the majority of class time working in small groups to help one another with our outlines, I found myself headed for success! 
First of all, I love working in small groups. I find working together with classmates gives me a substantial amount of room for growth. Sometimes, I find it easier to work in small groups, and discuss amongst each other, than it is to have a full-blown conversation in class. I suppose it's different for everyone. 
I really like the way Sam had us come prepared with an outline to class today. Not only did it make us jump-start the process of our final papers, and avoid procrastination, but also I found it super beneficial to work with Nora, Rennie, and Stephanie. All three ladies helped me tremendously to focus my paper, lead me in the right direction and make sure I was set up properly, in order to explain what I intend to, correctly and efficiently. I am looking forward to researching my topic in depth, and finding sufficient sources to support my thesis. I am also looking forward to finding a screening of a film this week that relates to women, so I can earn a little extra credit!

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