Friday, December 13, 2013

Easy Ways To Pay

I was cleaning out my desktop and I found this ad saved, one which I completely forgot to show to the class.

The ad says it all, literally, and I sadly am not even sure what the product is for. Is it for the car, or a car service, and is the ad saying to pay with your body for it?

It does't even make sense. This is just a way to sell with sex, with no planning even behind it.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Student, Lily Myer's poem on how women take up less space. ("SHRINKING WOMAN")

This reminded me of our talk in class about how men on the train take up a lot more space than women. It also reminded me of "The More You Subtract, The More You Add"- women are expected to be quiet and small or thin while men are expected to be loud, strong and muscular. This young woman totally nails and articulates a topic that is difficult for many. She goes into the impact it has on her family, her self worth, and women.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Judah- reflection #2

Our last class discussion really got me thinking on the issue of human decency and respect, especially here in New York City. It was really interesting and sad to hear some of the struggles that the trans gender community face, especially the embarrassment and struggle that can occur from a trip to use the bathroom. Its bad enough in the city now to find a public bathroom regardless , it must be even more  difficult out side of school to find, or use a bathroom. 
I think with the new mayor there should be some sort of plan to create a more sensitive and safe environment for ALL New Yorkers to have the decency of using the bathroom with respect and in peace.
Does anyone have some sort of ideas of how or where around the city this can be done? 
It was really nice seeing how respectful and kind the class conversations flowed last class, was really inspiring. 

For Every Woman Working in the Film Industry, There are Five Men

I found this piece to be very similar to the comparisons we make in class, pretty cool stuff!

The truth


Saturday, December 7, 2013

American Apparel: What ARE they selling?

So while working on my paper, I cam across this slideshow

American Apparel

Is basically uses women in ads (nothing we haven't seen before, right?) but in an uber-sexualized way, where actually nudity occurs.
A lot of these ads have been removed, and don't show up on the company's website. But I still think this deserves to be shared. This is absolutely disgusting.

(Nothing again female sexuality, just how its used to sell clothing and appeal to a male audience)