Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reflection: Gender Neutral Bathrooms

A few days before last week's class, I managed to catch up on the most recent episodes of Glee. Within those episodes is the character "Unique" a transgender female who has the biological sex of a male but gender identifies and presents as a female. In one of the episodes, Unique uses the female bathroom and is caught by another student. She explains that she is afraid to use the male bathroom because she will be harassed, and also that she feels like she just does not belong there. Later, she is forced to use the male bathroom and is harassed, just as she thought, will the boys in the bathroom saying "It's okay, we're all guys here." I still had this episode fresh in my mind when we started to talk about the transgender topic and the idea of bathrooms.

Honestly, it makes me really sad that someone has to be afraid to simply go into the bathroom. Also, when someone doesn't want to create a gender neutral bathroom because they think it isn't safe for females, I get really angry. Yes, there are dangerous scenarios for everyone, but I think it is more dangerous to not have a gender neutral bathroom. (I have heard other people in the past say it isn't safe to have a gender neutral bathroom) I think in general, everyone has the right to use the bathroom in peace and safety, and we are getting to a point where so many "gay rights" are getting the spotlight (in a good way) that this honestly should not still be a problem. I think people need to grow up and stop hating what they might not understand, and instead simply try to.

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