Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Media Moment: “Patricia Krentcil, Tanorexic Mom, Gets Her Own Action Figure”



       I’m pretty sure you have all heard about Patricia Krentil, the mother who was accused of putting her 6 year old daughter in a tanning bed and was arrested for second degree child endangerment. Her picture has gone viral, and has continued to be for a rather long time. Krentcil has even been banned from NJ tanning salons! I came across a more recent article which proves that this scandal has gone so far that has made a customized action figure call the “Tanorexic Action Figure” selling for $29.95! Patricia Krentcil is now best known as “Leather face!”

Question: Do think this story would have been as popular as it is, if Krentcil was a man?


  1. This story is completely disturbing. The coverage on this issue just shows how distorted our media really is. There are people dying on the front line of duty that aren't getting this much publicity. A women burns her face crisp in a tanning bed and has satire improvisations on SNL, spoofs on shows like Jimmy Kimmel, and an action figure resembling her!? Are you kidding?! The story first hit headlines when she was allegedly accused of putting her daughter into a tanning bed. I think when she was proven not guilty is when the mockery of the media started. To answer your question, I don't think the publicity would have been the same had this story been about a man. I think tanning salons are more recognized by women than men in society. With that being said, I think the media hit the ground running when they got wind of this news. I mean, it does make for a great laugh, but enough is enough.

  2. When I saw this the first time I was surprised that there were no pictures of her daughter to prove that she was in fact sunburned from a tanning bed. I couldn’t find pictures or detailed articles on her current condition. I feel that the media is very quick to make fun of women, especially those who are accused of bad mothering. Now I even doubt that she actually put her daughter in a tanning bed to begin with, perhaps it was just a good headline to attract viewers.

  3. No problem! It was a great post! I saw a segment a few weeks ago on Inside Edition, and they showed clips of her daughter outside of their home and proved that she hadn't been exposed to any tanning beds.