Thursday, May 10, 2012

Media Moment: "Liquid Plumr Double Impact."

I saw this Liquid Plumber Double Impact Commercial  and this gave me an immediate pause. I found this so wrong on so many levels. I felt like the advertisers that came up with this were taking the whole idea of a desperate housewife and making it into a super sexual commercial. The fact that they played on the word "double impact" by having two plumbers enter her house is really weird, especially because they are hyper-masculine. The housewife character seemed very sexually excited as you can see from all her facial expressions. At 0.28 she flings herself around and sticks out her tounge.
The next image is then her pushing the snake into the toilet while the two plumbers stand behind her and watch. How do you think this impacts the image of housewives as desperate for sex? Do you feel that commercials like this create stereotypes in the minds of married men?

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