Thursday, May 10, 2012

Media Moment: "S**t Spanish Girls Say."

My media moment is about a YouTube video titled Shit Spanish Girls Say. I chose to post this because we watched 'sh** white girls say to black girls' in class. This video made me think about the stereotypes that these videos are reinforcing. Yes, they are all funny, but at the same time some people use these videos as a means of putting others into a category. I've also noticed that all of these videos have become seemingly popular because the main character has take on gender role of the opposite sex.

Why are these videos funny? Is it because they contain some truth as well as some over exaggeration? Do you think if it was a Spanish girl that was playing the gender role of heterosexual female would have impacted how many people viewed this video?

1 comment:

  1. I actually know the people who made this video and after speaking to them they are on the side of exposing the stereotypes and not necessarily exploiting them. While that is bought to defend I think part of the humor in these video is the fact that it shows how we can not take ourselves too seriously. I can attest to some of these things that these video make light of , but there needs to be a balanced view on them both for their humor and social commentary.