Sunday, May 6, 2012

Media Moment:NewCastle Sexist Commercial

The above commercial is yet another example of how women are used as nothing but sex symbols camouflaged as sales pushers in the advertisement industry. Although, in the pasted video, NewCastle fails to feature an image of a woman, but rather shows to explain why they're focusing on the brew master's hands throughout the whole commercial. That reason being, is because this brewmaster is "Not an attractive woman". Now, some major issues and concerns arise from that statement. Firstly, the fact that women do not deserve a position in the entertainment industry or within the media sphere unless their body image is pleasing to the audience, or to the ruling power of white, middle-class, male.  Secondly, it reinforces the idea that women who hold the position of power and prestige, as seen in the ad, can't be simultaneously intelligent and attractive. This leads me to a point that this commercial creates a division between women's body and mind, where one exists completely separate from the other. An intelligent woman does not deserve a position on the television and is stripped of her sexuality, while an attractive woman is illustrated to have jello for her brains and is constantly seen on everyone's platinum screens as a driving factor for sales.
Question: How have desexualization of professional women changed over time? Has there been a progress?

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