Monday, November 25, 2013

She just needed saving!!! (Media Moment)

The following article is about a phenomenal tennis player that lost her high ranking after an injury. It claims that Serena William’s romantic relationship with her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, got her ranking back up, despite the fact that she has never admitted to having a romantic connection with him.

This is a complex social statement. It says a lot about women in athletic environments, as well as the media’s need to create romantic scenarios in which males ‘recue’ women in professional arenas. It was Serena Williams who got her own raking back. Mouratoglou wasn’t swinging the racket or standing on the court during the games. It was Serena, and her alone.

Tiger Woods has a platoon of coaches, and while they are helpful to his improvement, we don’t hear things like “Down and out Tiger Woods: The woman who rescued him.” Saying that he was saved by a coach from the opposite gender would be incredibly de-masculinizing. Why do we still feel the need to place women as dependent on man? 


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