Monday, November 25, 2013

Media Moment: "Girls!"

Little Girls Sing About What Is Expected Of Them

Sorry about only doing a link, but I found this video outside of YouTube. Anyways, the really important stuff. I was coming on the computer to actually upload a different media moment when I saw this video on my Facebook feed.

It absolutely stuck with me that the little girls were singing with their natural voices, instead of with an ultra auto-tuned "cutesy"sound. And that just added to the fact that they were singing about not only wanted feminine toys.

Do you think that, beyond the barbies, the general use of pink in a little girl's life sets her up to have the expectation of being super feminine later on in life? I totally got the message that adults superimpose what they think their child should be on them, starting at a young age and evident in the toys and objects that surround them.

What are your general thoughts on the video?


  1. I agree that growing up we want different things but we are always gendered. Parents say things like "oh thats for boys" or "oh thats for girls". Then we learn that "cooties" exist and so we distance ourselves from the opposite sex and anything associated with it. I know one thing i noticed is that action figures are basically dolls but they are never called that since dolls are for girls. Parents and their sons feel very offended when it is called a doll. interesting, right?

  2. I've always thought the idea of dolls for boys and for girls have different names. And how action figures are supposed to be better/more valuable. Already at such a young age, the male is being placed in a higher power position than the female.