Friday, November 15, 2013

Media Moment #4: What is Considered a Plus-Size Model

I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed on my phone one day, when I stumbled upon this, and figured I should share it with you all, my fellow classmates.

 The first picture is a post added to Facebook by Cosmopolitan magazine, and underneath is a few comments I stumbled upon throughout the post. Most of the comments, nonetheless, were similar in context.

As much as I hate to judge a book by its cover, this is one of the times where I feel I should be given an exception.

This model, judging by the picture, CANNOT be larger than a size 10, and I am being quite generous here. If this model is considered plus size, then how would Cosmopolitan magazine describe someone who is, say, a size 12? Morbidly obese? Where do we draw the line?


  1. Totally agree with the comments, and the outrage.
    I was shocked to learn that size 12 was considered plus size w few years ago. It seems to be that the sizing scale for acceptable is shrinking every year.

  2. I saw this and wondered the same thing how is this women "plus size" simply because she has big boobs (the only plus size thing about her) i saw the rest of the of the pictures and to she looks average this is how every "super skinny model" should look at least average size. But please people do not label this woman as plus size!