Monday, November 18, 2013

Reflection #2: Women in the News

Nothing upset me more than to hear about how the NYT only has 2 female writers on their Opinion staff...and then again to hear that at Rolling Stone, there is not much diversity either. Though my career has shifted a little from journalism to PR, it upsets me that this is still an issue.
The worst part is, anyone who isn't a woman or a minority DOES NOT UNDERSTAND, what it is like to be turned down for a job at a corporate place because they are X,Y and Z. One of the best things about my internship at Viacom is that the group of people that I work with are so diverse and really, that can only help the company.
I'm not sure if we hit on the topic of female hosts (ex: Ellen, Katie Couric, Wendy Williams) in class but just thinking about what goes on these shows just totally fits into the stereotypes as well. As a young woman going into media this is so troubling to me. I don't find it discouraging though. If anything it makes me want to be successful even more.
How do the rest of the ladies in the class feel?

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