Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Reflection # 2- Derewko Torres

Today’s topic was really interesting and the discussions led even more so. I loved that someone mentioned why don’t we see princesses rescuing other princesses why is it always a male coming to the rescue? This made me wonder about my first media moment (as a kid) that really defined heterosexuality the movie was The Little Mermaid, shortly after watching this movie I had my very first innocent tap kiss with a boy, now is when I wonder if it was the movie that had such a strong impact on me. This also leaves me wondering if heterosexuality is implanted into our brains by media.

Another interesting topic we spoke about was if homosexuality was genetic. This left me wondering because a lot of people said they felt it was genetic. Does this mean that heterosexuality is genetic too? Am I simply born straight? Another thing that came to mind was why do people have to label what they are? Straight, gay, bisexual etc… Why are we defined by our sexual preference?

I also love how the prude and whore topic was brought up this topic is interesting because it opens up so many discussions. First off something I have always wondered is what constitutes a whore? Who determines what this is? (I have this argument with my guy friends all the time) And when it comes to men why can’t they be called whores or when they are it isn't offensive to them it is simply something to be proud of    why the double standard?!?

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