Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Media Moment #3

I had noticed that someone posted the new Kanye West music video, "Bound 2" with Kim Kardashian and I thought it would be important to also post the parody that James Franco and Seth Rogen made. The two actors recreated the music video shot by shot and in the video James Franco is Kanye West and Seth Rogen in Kim Kardashian. The video is going viral but I can't help but think about exactly what makes this video so funny for viewers. It is really just the fact that these two comedians are hilarious plus ridiculousness of the original video itself or that for some still seeing two men intimate is somehow hilarious in itself. Seth Rogen and James Franco are two of my favorite actors and the dynamic between the two is incredible, I just hope that what makes this parody so funny for audiences is its intense mockery of the original music video rather than a mockery of gay romance.


  1. I don't think the video was meant to be taken so literally. The video is a mockery of the original BECAUSE it is so ridiculous. I feel as if the only reason Kanye West had his girlfriend/fiancee Kim Kardashian make a cameo in his music video is really for no damn reason at all. It's as if he's bragging to everyone watching the video that he is involved with what he probably thinks is the most gorgeous woman in Hollywood.

    Where did Kim's shirt go after the first shot of her on the motorcycle? She was wearing a shirt in the beginning of the music video. And then, suddenly, the shirt disappears, and she's straddling Kanye on the motorcycle, topless. It was a very distasteful video, which made absolutely no sense. And that is what James Franco and Seth Rogen wanted to do. I speak for myself when I repeat, I laughed at the video because it showed just how stupid and ridiculous the original video is, not because it was two men that were being affectionate with each other. James Franco and Seth Rogen have made it pretty obvious through the years that they are best friends. They were just having fun.

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  3. I hope I didn't sound too critical in my last comment. No disrespect to you, Olivia! :)