Monday, November 11, 2013

Media Moment #2: The "Anti-Rape" Chastity Belt

On the usual boring afternoon, I find myself idly looking at sites I usually find entertaining. After minutes of sheer and agonizing boredom, I stumbled on an article on I know so scandalous but this article directly related to discussions we have had in class concerning rape.

A company by the name of Arwear decided to create the "anti-rape underwear" in an attempt to provide women with power and comfort in a situation that might indicate rape. I immediately became skeptical of this piece of clothing and the agenda behind its creation. The underwear is apparently
resistant to cutting and pulling but the affects of being assaulted still lingers with the victim whether or not non-consensual penetration was committed.

I am convinced that a woman feeling uncomfortable in a dark alley or late at night would not think "Oh that man or figure looks suspicious, but I'm safe because of my super underwear!"

The problem in this society is not the clothing of women whether that be undergarments or not, but the sick men  or women who rape innocent victims. How the hell do you feel safer by wearing a cotton chastity belt?

I'm not completely bashing the intentions of the founders of this "anti-rape underwear", but creating this clothing perpetuates the idea that rape is the woman's fault due to the attire that she is wearing. The problem will not stop because of clothing. Instead of using your money to purchase or fund the chastity belt, invest your money in perhaps having self-defense workshops for women or individuals in general.

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