Monday, November 25, 2013

Media Moment #3 - Sad but true comedy skit

I think this sketch is absolutely brilliant. The Whitest Kids U' Know have pointed out something that exists in our society: lesbians are often not taken seriously. The line "college lesbian" pokes fun at the idea that many people experiment with their sexualities in college. I've heard of many girls that have had homosexual experiences, yet identify as heterosexual. This is something that does not (or at least you don't hear so much about it) happen as often to men. This shows that these conservative homophobic parents in the skit see their daughter's coming out as an act of rebellion rather than something that is real, while when it comes from their son it is a serious issue because with men even experimentation will solidify you as gay.

Why do you think lesbians are not taken as seriously as men?
Why do you think it is more accepted for women than men to have a homosexual experience?

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