Saturday, November 16, 2013

Media Moment 3 - Liberation Wrapper

So, just a summary: Freshness Burger realizes that their female Japanese customers were not ordering burgers. In Japan, etiquette is enforced highly on women. Having an open mouth while eating or in mostly any social situation isn't attractive. Having a "small and modest mouth" or "ochobo" is. This restaurant decided to profit off these cultural differences by creating and profiting off a wrapper that has a women's face (light skinned, thin, attractive women's face i will add) whos' mouth is closed. The woman eating the burger can keep the wrapper on the burger to hide her mouth while eating a burger without scrutiny. This reminded me of our discussion on Muslim women and veiling. I think it is liberating for the women who enjoy keeping with their culture while also enjoying a burger. While it may play into the idea that women should be quiet, thin, and pretty, if a woman chooses to use the liberation wrapper, we should respect her cultural decision. My question is: Is this wrapper liberating and mindful of cultural difference or is it enforcing the idea that women should be thin, quiet, and pretty or both ?

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