Monday, November 18, 2013

Reflection - Perceptions In The Newsroom: The Stupid Game

Last week we discussed that women in the newsroom dumb themselves down in order to first and foremost reaffirm men in their mentality, and to make themselves seem unthreatening to men, as well. This display of childish behavior, in their lack of intelligence and understanding, is a reaffirmation for men, as well as an attractive trait (for some). It is ironic that on a flip-side for discussion, it is intelligence and a strong mental grasp that is attractive about men, for women.

I can only wonder if this attraction steps from the mentality that men are supposed to be better, more intelligent and powerful, that has been passed down through the ages. Has this mentality stuck with women, and has made it almost common sense for them to find intelligence attractive? Not that intelligence is a bad thing. It is just interesting that there might be a connection between the oppression of a woman's higher mentality and the celebration or desire of a man's higher mentality.

I feel in like most scenarios women look past only intelligence and power and find many other characteristics that they are attracted to. However, they are also initially attracted to those traits. Is it good? Is is bad? Does a man being attracted to stupidity, in blatant terms, truly connect to a woman being attracted to intelligence? It's an interesting scenario.

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