Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tenzin- Reflection

I wanted to reflect on the discussion of Asian Women in the media. It was interesting to learn about the stereotypes and the typecasted characters that are found in Hollywood films that I wasn't aware of. Perhaps due to the fact that there aren't so many Asian characters that are worth remembering, these are the characters without complexities or purpose, in Hollywood films. I didn't realize how difficult Hollywood has made it for Asian actors when it belittles them into these roles that are meant to be made fun of. The emasculated males, the hyper-sexed females, the ignorant and backwards citizens of a far away exoticized land. I grew up watching cinemas of different countries. As a Tibetan-American born in Brooklyn, NY, I not only grew up with Hollywood but I also grew up with Bollywood (mostly Bollywood for a good part of my childhood), Korean films and a mix of other cinema. I also watched Japanese anime growing up. It was great to grow up with a multitude of media where the central characters ranged from different background with all their complexities that made them interesting and important characters. After watching the documentary in class and after hearing about the struggles that these early Asian American actors had when auditioning and the offense that they had felt, I feel bad for Asian American actors today. It makes me think that they really do have a raw deal even if their passion is acting. As an Asian-American, I have also felt the pressures of these silly roles, roles in which people think are true. For instance, at work, I constantly have to explain myself at least once a week, of my background, when I came to the states or the meaning behind my name. I am all for innocent curiosity but why is that Asian Americans always have to explain themselves. Could it be the exocitized image that has been perpetuated on us that stimulates their nerves to ask how long I have been in this country? Whatever it is, I too am hopeful that there will be an acceptance of a whole diversity of people in the media. I hope to contribute to this when I make films surrounding Tibetan communities.


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