Monday, October 28, 2013

Reflection 1

I want to reflect on the class so far as a whole, and on a few specific aspects. Overall, all of our class sessions have been really engaging. I like that we are learning about the different stereotypes and representations of different ethnic women. It has taught me that not every woman experiences this media-driven world the same way. One specific aspect I liked was when we collected stereotypes together as a class and then looked for celebrities and then realized that they all fit the stereotypes. It is shocking every time how influential media is to us.
I must admit that last class, I did not know any of the names of the Asian celebrities. I never realized that I was so ignorant to that ethnic group and I am glad that now I know. I will definitely keep an eye open for Asian women in different media.
When we were talking about Latina women in the media, I wanted to comment on the text about Ugly Betty but I never got a chance. My cousin who, just like me, is 1/8th Puerto Rican, actually checked off the Hispanic box when applying to colleges and got accepted to Cornell University which she also attended. I always wondered if that is why she got in. She is a very smart girl but it still makes you wonder. She might look more Puerto Rican than me, she isn't blonde and blue-eyed like me.
I'm excited to see how the rest of the semester will go but I am sure it'll be just as engaging as it has been.

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