Monday, October 21, 2013

Pens: Now for Women

The Ellen Show-Bic "for her" pens

She did a funny, saracastic skit for what a commercial for Bic "for her" pens might be. While the video is funny and I guess I can understand the marketing technique of standing out on the shelves and having colorful pens I think in the video Ellen brings up the connection between opinions and being able to write. She sarcastically says in the fake commercial to the young girl that she can write down opinions and throw them out because nobody cares about them anyway. While many products like to re-sell their products using different taglines the product and video made me think of hegemonic tactics that like to add emphasis on the seperate male and female spheres. Maybe subconciously writing and "legit" opinions are attributed to men and not women? But NOW there are pens for women because NOW its socially allowable.  

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