Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reflection #1: More About Latinas in the Media

As a half-Latina, I am particularly sensitive to this topic and more and more things came to mind while we were discussing it in class. I hit on something in discussion that no one really commented on further, which is what about the Latinas in the media that don't "look" Latina?
If you click this link, you can see a list of many celebs who don't fit the Latina stereotype: Stars You Never Knew Were Latino. Some examples are: Kat Von D, Sara Paxton, Alexis Bledel and Demi Lovato.
Part of the reason I wouldn't go into acting is because I don't think I fit any particular role...I'm too white to be Latina and too exotic to be white. I used to have dreams of being on Broadway but the more I observe, most shows only cast blondes as their leads.
It really is sad because people who aren't Latino don't see it this way. They think it's so easy to just go and make it big when in reality it seems like Broadway and Hollywood don't have any room for us. While Hollywood and Broadway aren't where I want to be anymore, as an aspiring singer-songwriter, I only hope that the world doesn't question my music as well.

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