Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2nd Media Moment: Nicki Minaj

I saw this ad while walking down the street and it immediately caught my eye, for all the wrong reasons. The look on Nicki Minaj's face is fairly ridiculous and whatever she is wearing seriously accentuates her boobs, making it clear they are a focal point of the advertisement. I've never heard of this brand but they are clearly using Minaj and her body to sell their product. Is that an issue, or is it ok for a company to use whatever means neccessary to make their product popular?

I also read a blog which was talking about the ad campaign and very clearly talks about Minaj herself being a "brand" and therefore a product to sell to the masses. It also talks about how it is similar to Diddy's relationship to Ciroq and I immediately thought about the difference between using a male celebrity to sell a product and a female celeb. It always seems the female celeb, no matter how well known she is, generally uses her body (in part) to sell the product.
Has anyone else seen this difference? Do you think male celebrities are sometimes used in the same way as female celebrities or is it as detrimental to use male sexuality to sell a product?

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