Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Media Moment- Derewko Torres- Extra

                        Did Rihanna cross some sort of line?

The always controversial celebrity got kicked out from a mosque in Abu Dhabi because she was taking pictures without permission. She was acting inappropriately in a sacred place wearing her own version of burka. Women of Islam religion wear a Burka for religious purposes. 
Did she cross some sort of line wearing a "burka" to make a sort of fashion statement? or is she standing for something else? Should this be controversial? Is it wrong?


  1. I'm unsure whether the photoshoot was pre-planned or not but she was mostly kicked out for going into restricted areas and making innappropraite poses.
    Regardless, for muslim women burkhas of different colors, design and fabric are a fashion statment and they have fashion shows just like the rest of the world, especially in forward countries like Abu Dhabi. The difference is the treatment of the fashion aspect where the models are not wearing anything risque or are sexualized. Rihanna wearing a burkha is not a problem, she looks kinda nice, but her not understanding the respect that comes with the attire and the sanctity of the mosque is the issue I have with it. People pray in mosques and it would be just as offensive to do an inappropraite photoshoot at a church or temple.

    1. I couldn't have said it better myself. I too agree with your statements, Meher. If Rihanna was told to respect the area, and not take pictures (just as she was told), this wouldn't have become such a big issue.