Sunday, October 27, 2013

Reflection 1- Derewko Torres

I’ve reflected on what I have learned so far and I am proud to say is a lot. Most importantly I am a person that over indulges in films and television shows, ads and magazines. To me it is a very important part in of my life especially because I someday wish to work as a Director for a film or TV show. Hence, learning about some of the negatives things media brings to the audience is depressing.

On a side note I don’t always want to feel like I have to decode everything I watch. Like the AD shown in class “watch what you watch” because honestly if it wasn’t for this class I probably would have never given it much thought. I would like to add that as a Latino person the topic of Latina stereotypes really spoke to me. In particular the article by Debra Merskin it informed me on the three common Latina stereotypes. Also, the article What Does Race Have to do With Ugly Betty? By Jennifer Esposito because it still has me a bit perplexed just because I am unsure about what I would have done in Betty’s situation… if I was offered a job because I meet their “quota” what would I do? 

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