Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Media Moment: Seth MacFarlane's "We Saw Your Boobs" Opening Skit

 “We Saw Your Boobs,” was a musical number that was performed as the opening skit at this years Academy Awards by Seth MacFarlane, the creator of “Family Guy”. MacFarlane has built his career on offensive and silly comedy but I believe that this was a classless act for a sophisticated award show such as the Oscars. While his comedy has built himself a very successful career, it was inappropriate humor, being that it was sexist material. The lyrics of this music number consisted of a list of actresses that have bared their breasts on film.

Although the act was witty and catchy, the content of his material was not humor. Humor should be funny. This musical number simply made fun of the fact that these talented and serious actresses have bared their breasts to create art and film. For the women that participated in this act, it was as if they were approving the musical skit in its entirety. The focus was only on women. There was no mention of any jokes about any male actors and their nudity.

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