Friday, February 22, 2013

Media Moment: Infographic Related to our Readings

In our reading last week in the chapter which we are using for the paper/presentation, it discusses how the concepts which we decide to signify with words are arbitrarily chosen, as the world could be divided into an unlimited number of nameable concepts (such as how the Inuits had four different words for "snow"). This week I came across this inforgraphic, which illustrates many feelings that we lack the word for in English, but have probably experienced at some point. (I took a screen-shot of the graphic, but because of the nature of the site's embed, definitely follow the link bewlow to see a more complete, interactive version.) It immediately reminded me of the reading, and I thought I would share it with you all.


Can you think of examples of something (be it a specific object or emotion) that doesn't have a name but seems like it should? If you speak another language, can you think of an example where there is a word in that language that doesn't have a direct translation in English?

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