Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Female California Lawmakers ask Academy to use Better Judgeemnt in the Future

Though I didn't watch the Oscar's this past Sunday I heard a lot more about it this year than I ever have before. Surprisingly the attention it drew in last weekend had nothing to do with what the nominees were wearing, who they showed up with or even who took home the little golden man...this year was all about the host Seth Macfarlane.  Many award shows have had less than entertaining and crowd pleasing hosts, but this years Oscars hit an all time low.  From the very beginning of the show MacFarlane made derogatory comments and jokes about women. From singing a song about seeing women's breasts and endless comments about the attending actresses nude scenes, his sexist views and disrespect for women was clear to viewers around the world - including 2 women in legislative power in California. These women, who were rightly offended, got together and demanded that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences use better judgement when choosing the person that will lead their shows.  MacFarlane's comments were not only sexist and at times defamatory towards women, they also "glamorized" violence against women and made it seem like it was funny and okay...

Here's the link to the huffington post article:

Who do you think is to blame for Seth MacFarlane's disregard and blatant disrespect for women? Do you think award shows should do a better job at "editing" their hosts before they take the stage?

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  1. I recently read an article here: and it explains that MacFarlane's presentation was satire. It references MacFarlane's many humanity awards and his advocacy for gay and women's rights but I do not agree that MacFarlane was attempting to call Hollywood out on it's faults. If mcfarlane was actually trying to call hollywood out on it's unnecessary sexualization of women he should have been more obvious about it.

    In his song he reference multiple rape scenes and also referenced when Scarlett Johannson's computer was hacked and he nude pictures leaked. They're examples of women's bodies being taken advantage of for someone else's benefit. Especially the Scarlett Johannson situation because that is clearly her real-life privacy being violated.

    I am not happy with his performance but i am happy that it got us talking about the problem that the audience and the media are unnecessarily hard on women in entertainment. For example, I keep reading and hearing women and men alike be incredibly mean towards Anne Hathaway and her "golly-gee" attitude when she accepts her awards.

    Why are we acting this way towards Hathaway? She has about ten years left in Hollywood to get the roles she wants before we start calling her "crazy." In Tina Fey's book she explains, "I have a suspicion that the definition of "crazy" in show business is a woman who keeps talking even after no one wants to f*** them anymore." This ties in with The Onion's vulgar tweet at Quvenzhané Wallis. We should be discussing that at the rate Hollywood is going, the sexualization of even a nine year old will soon be the norm.

    I think the awards shows should "edit" their hosts but I also think the best way to solve this problem is if we no longer sexualize women in Hollywood so heavily. Let's make content and talent king instead of beauty and sex.