Sunday, December 2, 2012

Woman selling her virginity to highest bidder

Maybe some of you guys have heard of the story or maybe not, the woman in this article Catarina Migliorini sells her virginity for $780,000, but after saying so she pledged to donate the money to a charity.

So the question in mind is, do you guys thin that this woman's actions set women back or do you guys think that she's actually doing women a favor by not putting the topic of virginity in a pedestal? Also take notice in the article how there was also a male selling his virginity, but his virginity was only sold for a few thousand. My second question is why do you think that women's virginity is held more at value than guys virginity?


  1. This article makes me physically ill and emotionally pissed off. Losing one's virginity, especially when they have waited passed the age of 18, is an emotional and serious matter. Men and women are different, there is not denying that. We are comprised of different organs, inarguably. If we talk about the genetic make up of a woman and man during sex, it is easy to understand why a woman experiences certain 'emotions' and why their virginity is more prized. A woman allows somebody else to enter her domain, make it a vulnerable situation. As an example, when we allow somebody into our home, we are letting them into our space, we are offering them everything we have. It is far more vulnerable to allow people into your home rather than going to visit somebody elses. Bringing it back to sex, women literally allow somebody to enter their space, that is the most vulnerable place a woman can be in. A man is only visiting, he is not allowing anybody 'in'. He can 'leave' while the woman is left with the 'clean-up' after the 'house visit'. I am speaking in metaphor, but I think it is clear where I am heading with this.

    Additionally, I think it is almost more humiliating that she is 'giving the money to charity'. Work hard for something and give that to charity. A woman's sexual experiences have no price tag. Each woman responds differently to sex, and that needs to be cared for and attended to.

  2. This story simply emphasizes the idea of a woman as an object. In my project 2, I wrote about the movie "White Chicks". At one point, one of the characters comments: "I can't believe they're auction out women". Behold the reality. It's very disappointing that some women are trivializing the sexual experience, the same way the mainstream media does all the time. With events like that, we should really reflect the role women have and media and what we, as media desconstructors should do to change this objectifying of the female image.