Sunday, December 16, 2012

Media Moment: Westboro Baptist Church to picket Sandy Hook Elementary School victims vigil

While it is already difficult to fathom the events that took place in Newtown, Connecticut this past Friday, the fact that people are planning to protest a memorial for the victims may be just as hard to swallow.  The Westboro Baptist Church has been known to protest U.S. soldier's funerals, as well as the legalization of gay marriage in various states.  As they continue to justify horrible actions taking place in the United States as punishment from God, connecting the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting to Connecticut's "acceptance" of the gay and lesbian community just doesn't seem to make sense.  Whether or not you believe in a higher power or support gay marriage, it's hard to deny that these actions are unjust and blatantly offensive.  Although the freedom of speech and right to protest is something sacred in the United States, do you think the line should be drawn here?  For one, I hope this spread of hate is prevented and the Westboro Baptist Church is kept away from the vigil, for the sake of those who are related to or knew the victims, and everyone else.

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  1. I am not quite sure how this has to do with Women and the Media, but I'll respond anyway. :)

    Unfortunately, I do not think there should be a line drawn. Freedom of speech is just that; freedom of speech. Westboro Baptist and their protests should burn in hell and as much as I loathe them, if we draw the line with them then we have to draw the line with things like gay pride parades. The Evangelicals would have a hay day with that one.

    Everyone needs to be able to exercise their rights, including uneducated, insensitive, heartless bastards like Westboro Baptist protestors. And if you recall, there were actually other citizens who took a stand against Westboro and blocked their protest with a human wall when Westboro protested the soldier's funeral. So while they are free to ignorantly protest, there are Americans who stand against them. If we start taking away certain freedom of speech rights it will really get messy. As long as no one is physically harmed (which is ironic because words can be just as hurtful as physical harm), I think this is the point; freedom of speech stands for anyone.