Friday, December 7, 2012

Class Reflection 12-5-12

This week's class discussion was probably my favorite class discussion all semester. I love learning new things and this was definitely all new to me. After reading the transgender articles and doing the responses, I really respect the transgender community. Not to say I didn't respect them before. I was just so ignorant about the subject and I never wanted to give my opinion because of my lack of education.

My initial thought of transgender people were people dressed in drag only. I had no idea there were so many groups and sub groups of transgender and I had no idea that some groups of lesbians and gays had issues with transgender people.

As I am writing this reflection, something interesting kept occurring that I thought was worth discussing. Below is a screen shot of my computer. When I misspelled transgender, the first and only suggestion in the spell check box is transponder. Transgender is not even listed and the only mistake I made is that I switched the s and n by accident. What does this say about dominant ideologies?

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  1. Good job Abraham I had same feeling that awkwardness of seeing the word “transgender” is not a correct word. This signifies that how our society is ignorant about sexual minorities and their right. So, I agree this is a evidence of ideology that is embedded in our society.