Monday, December 17, 2012

Reflection on Class Discussion 12/5/12

I had a difficult time with this portion of the class, even with the clarifications.  Not because I have a problem with transgender people (I don’t, at all), but maybe because I have had extremely little exposure to this way of life.  I had never heard of all of the terms that were discussed in class, and the readings were also very difficult for me to try to get my mind around.  It was so interesting though, and I think it was just a lot for me to take in.  It also made me realize that, as much as I try to stay open-minded and as much as I’ve grown, I think there are still many parts of my mind that can expand and experience and be open to new things and people.

I found this particular class very enlightening and educational because it was virtually all new material for me to swallow and digest.  At the end of the class when I said that I “didn’t really give a shit”, I did not mean that I literally don’t care about transgender people.  I meant that it should not matter what one chooses to do with their life.  Everyone should feel freedom to live however they desire, and be happy.  It doesn’t matter the sexual orientation.  Life should be about peace and love, plain and simple.  I think my statement in class came off differently than what I actually meant.  My sincerest apologies for that!  


  1. I have no authority in which to validate my statement, but all of the people of the great state of New York are still quite offended.