Friday, December 7, 2012

Reflection Class Discussion 12/5

Like other people have mentioned, I found this week's discussion to be enlightening and eyeopening, both on issues surrounding the transgender community but also on how much farther feminism still has to go. It seems that the transgender community is seen as a threat even by those one would expect to be allies - gays/lesbians aka other marginalized groups- partially because it completely shakes up our understanding of gender. I think all of us have parts that don't fit neatly into the two preset boxes of gender, and these parts actually take a lot of time hiding and putting away and cleaning up.

When confronted with the possibility of simply accepting those parts in yourself but in doing so, visibly splitting yourself from the binary and all that is normal/accepted, most of us cannot find the courage. As mentioned in class, the boy/girl binary is forced upon us from birth and is a much greater part of our lives than we may realize.

On that note, I'll leave this Brief History of Trans Men which I came upon today, relating to the question raised in class about how long trans people have been around. 

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