Monday, September 23, 2013

Media Moment: Defined Lines

Being a dancer I am a huge fan of a song with a great beat, Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke being one of them.  Over the weekend I was sitting in my friends apartment and she said she had to show me something she had seen on the internet earlier in the week. She showed me this video.  I thought it was awesome how this group of girls went right back at Robin Thicke and made a parody of his video and song.  We talk about in class how women are degraded in so many advertisements and movies in the media today.  The Blurred Lines music video is an example of just this.  By these women making this parody they turned around the gender roles and probably made a lot of people uncomfotrtable.  

My questions for you guys are:

Did this video make you uncomfortable? Why or why not?

Did the original Blurred Lines music video make you feel uncomfortable? Why or why not?

What lyrics in this parody song stood out to you?

Great beat, but not so great meaning
Megan Urgiles

ps...above is the original Blurred Lines music video if you hadn't seen it already!

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