Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Media Moment 1: What exactly is bebe selling boobs, sex, or clothes?

When I stepped off the 49th street subway station this ad immediately caught my eye. I knew I had to take a picture for my media moment since this ad is ridiculous and only proves that clothing doesn't need to be worn for clothing to be the thing being sold/advertised.
I can't say I even understand how this relates to clothing and not just sex. Are they trying to appeal to working women who have 9am to 5pm hours? I see what they did switching it from 9am to 9pm, but I can't say I understand the point for a clothing company to emphasize hours when you may not even be wearing clothes.

Also, is she actually getting what she wants, or is it the man who is getting what he wants?

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  1. I decoded another bebe ad which is from the 9pm to 5am campaign and it was doing the same thing, selling sex. The photo was dark and you could barely see her outfit but she was in a car with some dark, mysterious guy. Essentially, I don't think they are selling the product as much as they are selling the idea which is to have sex. Obviously the whole 9pm to 5am thing is dangerous with all the drugs, alcohol and rape that exists but the probelm is that it completely ignores all that and emphasizes on an irresponsible lifetstyle and claims that it is "fun". If ads are supposed to make us appeal to a glamourous lifestyle, im not sure if Bebe is getting the point because there's nothing glamourous about this ad campaign, its ridiculous. It's also not empowering her at all because how is she benefitting from such a lifestyle? She might have sexual rights but that outfit is demeaning her and taking away the power that she is trying to assert. The caption is directed to her but the visuals are taking a step back instead of forewords.