Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Media Moment, "Ad for Calvin Klein for White Briefs"

I think what bothers me the most about this advertisement is the fact that Calvin Klein is trying to sell white briefs, and yet we cannot even see the briefs the male model is wearing. The reason being is because the female model is covering the product. What was the photographer thinking? How is the company supposed to sell the briefs, if the person looking at this advertisement can't even see them on the model? At least the woman is (almost) decently clothed in the advertisement, considering their body language is way too sexual.


  1. Sex sells, right? Advertisements are less often about the product and more often about creating meaning and mythologies around it. Here, I think the ad is selling the idea that these briefs are somehow related to sex with a beautiful woman. Notice how they're each staring at the viewer, as if the viewer might be intruding on a private moment. I think that "private moment" is being tied to the briefs and then used to sell them, just like some beer commercials tie their beer to the idea of manhood in order to trie to boost sales.

    1. Agreed. It just really bothers me that the whole point of the advertisement is to sell Calvin Klein briefs, and yet the product itself is barely visible. What's the point of making an advertisement for a product, when the product itself is covered?