Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Media Moment 1- Derewko Torres

The black in white image is from the 4th Trimester Project, this interested me because the image is projecting reality, how most women look like after birth. I choose the article with supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio to contrast what people and even women themselves expect to look like after birth. Does anyone feel that the photo is effective in changing how certain people feel about post birth bodies?


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  2. There is definitely a lot of pressure for women who experience pregnancy. Seems like the media has created a new correlation between pregnancy and beauty (unlike the traditional belief that pregnancy is a sign of health and beauty): If you get pregnant, you will be fat. If you get fat, you will be discriminated against. Thus, pregnancy eliminates your chances to be accepted in society.

    However, according to the article, looks like Alexandra Ambrosio has used good nutritional habits and exercise to reverse the effects of pregnancy in her body. Unfortunately, there are many other images of her that promote objectification and commodification of women. However, in this case her discipline to stay fit and healthy should be admired. It will likely add years to her life, allowing her to enjoy her time as a mom and eventually grandmother in ways that a person without her discipline probably won't experience.

    It is nevertheless the media's job to develop a healthy outlook of beauty and encourage all people to embrace good habits to stay healthy. This needs to be accomplished with realistic examples and without the use of computer-altered models.

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  4. There is so much pressure in the media on women, expecially new mothers, to get in shape and be thin. While being healthy and exercising is always a good thing, we must also realize that the images of new celebrity moms are misleading in that most working women who get pregnant and give birth do not have the time or money to hire a personal trainer to work on their body like this model did. I think the first picture is a more accurate representation of how new mothers look after giving birth, which should be celebrated.