Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Media Moment, Juicy J - Stay Trippy album artwork

The hip-hop community has not been shy in exploiting women in everything from songs, to music videos, to their album artwork. This particular album, Stay Trippy by Juicy J, was released last month. The album caught my eye on iTunes and I figured it was a perfect example of this exploitation of women in hip-hop and rap. The only thing "trippy" about this photograph is the colors splattered everywhere aside from that I would say the album artwork depicts a disheveled and nude woman subservient to Juicy J and she clings to his leg. However, Juicy J is completely clothed, even wearing sunglasses and has a bottle of champagne in his hand.

The image seems quite disturbing to me, more so than other media examples of women one could find in hip-hop. Many music videos or images of are women who are also nude but most likely partying with the rapper or dancing. This women however looks desperate, weak, and is completely stripped of everything.

My question would be why depict a woman like this? How does this representation of women benefit Juicy J opposed to the more common representations of women in hip-hop and rap?

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