Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reflection #2

Focusing on our most recent week, which i'm not sure if we will get to discuss in class, of gender and sex categorization I realize how oblivious I was to the self-identification of a good portion of society. The identity terms "trans women" and "trans men" where usually flipped in my head and I never sought out to correct them because I don't come into connect with people that identity in either way, so I subconsciously took them out of existence all together.

Along with that, the terms intersex, genderqueer, and gender-variant where unknown to me until reading the assigned chapters in Whipping Girl, and now I believe I have a deeper understanding of the trans discourse. Furthermore, the idea of sex and gender being genital-centric in most discussion was something I hadn't thought about. This along with the text on transsexual representation in media really struck me and helped increase my media attentiveness and literacy; when the topic of transsexuals only being represented as deceptive and/or pathetic I had a hard time trying to disprove this. As of today I still can't think of any film or direct show where a transsexual isn't placed to be deceptive in order to "gain" straight men.

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