Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reflection 2

I found last weeks readings and this weeks having so many similarities that struck me.  Perhaps the biggest was this idea of being a "man or woman" and what they means in relation to the other.  Celluloid Closet said "there was no sin like being a woman" so when a man was dressed up as a woman, it is seen as comical and no taken seriously.  I think this relates directly to the way trans women are viewed.  They are neither seen as truly male or female, regardless of how they live their life or surgeries they've had.  Society finds it entertaining that a man would want to fill a woman's shoes.  It is the entire opposite with trans men.  Of course everyone wants to be like a man.  It's almost as if they are seen as smart because they are choosing to live life as the "better" gender.  This for some reason does not threaten the idea of masculinity.  In a way, it boosts masculinities ego and supports is being dominant. 

Another point is how the concept of being a "real woman" is tied to abilities for reproduction.  I think this is part of why trans women are viewed with such stigma.  Females have always been tied to their ability to reproduce, and many have felt that is a woman's sole responsibility in life.  If a male comes into the picture as claims he is a woman, it contradicts the primary definition of what a woman is. This is how femininity is challenged.

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