Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Media moment: Amy Schumer

This poster for Amy Schumer definitely caught my attention this week. It made me think of the discussion we had in class about female comedians. For one, its hard to argue that this poster is NOT sexualized. We talked in class about how most female comedians are sexualized if they fit the hegemonic ideals of what beauty is. Im not familiar with Amy Schumer's comedy but from what I can gather she would be considered "unruly." I mean just look at the title of her show its called "Inside Amy Schumer." If thats not suppose to invoke some sexual thought, then I don't know what is. Its also hard to ignore the fact that the focus of the poster is on her breasts. Granted its supposed to be comical because the show is supposed to be about "a series of embarrassing episodes," but I cant help but think this just reinforces the over sexualization of women in comedy.

In all honesty this poster really just shocked me. it was one of those moments where I was like, "how can they get away with this?" I know that they blurred out her actual breasts but to me it still seems extremely inappropriate.

Were you guys offended by this? Do you think that it reinforces the stereotype of women in comedy being over sexualized? Let me know what you guys think.


  1. I also noticed this AD and immediately acknowledged the ideological messages that are present regarding femininity and beauty which we discuss in class. I do not find it shocking but rather uninteresting as it doesn't incorporate anything NEW. The notion of female comedian reduced to sex object isn't cutting edge, it really places the entire show in a banal standing. If they were lazy with the promotion, the show couldn't be very impressive either.

  2. I saw the ad but was not offended by it when I heard Amy talk about it on a podcast, she said it was her idea since the name of the show is titled "Inside Amy Schumer" and she wanted to advertise it in the most ridiculous way possible.