Wednesday, May 8, 2013

dress codes & rape culture

Recently came across this article which addresses school "slut-shaming" in which schools ban female marketed clothing on the bases of them being inappropriate or "distracting."

This kind of discussion usually brings to mind the underwear vs. beachwear dichotomy where both of these outfits are essentially the same, but it's all about the location you wear them for most people.

The part of the article that got to me the post was:

"4. A kindergarten student in Georgia was forced to change her “short” skirt because it was a “distraction to other students.” It’s hard to imagine that a kindergartener’s outfit could be “a distraction to other students,” but a mother in Georgia told locals news there that her daughter had been outfitted in someone else’s pants — without parental permission — after the principal deemed the skirt the young girl was wearing too short.” The girl had apparently wore the skirt, and accompanying leggings, just one week before without incident."

Where do you think the line should be crossed when it comes to school-friendly clothing?

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