Monday, May 6, 2013

Media Moment: Danish TV show that critiquing naked women

I saw a UK gossip site posting about this Danish show a couple of days ago and I didn't really pay attention to it at first because the site wasn't that credible and I thought the show is fake. Apparently the show is very real and it airs on a Danish channel called DR2. The premise of the show is that a judge named Thomas Blachman, a Danish Simon Cowell, and a guest would critique a naked women in front of them.

The show has received outcry from people allover the world. Blachman's defense is that he wants to "stir discussion about the aesthetics of the female body without allowing the conversation to become pornographic or politically correct." I tried watching the clip but obviously I can't understand Danish so I have no idea what him and the guest is saying. Blachman also says that people are being "ungrateful" to him and they should appreciate that this type of show is on.

I don't even know what to say because this is really upsetting. Women are already objectified enough and there isn't a need for this type of show. I don't see a point in critiquing someone else's naked body.

What are your reactions to this?
Does this show serve any actual purpose?
Does anyone speak Danish and can tell what the men are saying?

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  1. This reminds me of the Howard Stern TV show which would show women who were interested in modeling for Playboy magazine being critiqued by sarcastic and crude comedians. One of which would pull out a little red laser to "point out their flaws", round bellies, stretch marks, cellulite. Their excuse for such demeaning behavior was that these women wanted to be held to a pristine standard of Playboy Bunny. What I would like to know about this show is what purpose it is serving for those women.