Monday, May 6, 2013

Media Moment: 1-800- DIVORCE

I’ve seen this ad multiple times on the subway and it made me think of a possible media moment. The ad is obviously for a divorce lawyer but what caught my eye was the use of a female hand reached out. The long tips and painted nails give the idea of someone who pampers themselves. While I may be stretching in trying to get something out of this ad I thought it was used as a way to perpetuate the idea that women are just out for money. The reached out hand looks like it’s waiting to be handed something, money. What do you think the subtext of the ad could be? Am I stretching when reading into the meaning or do you agree it could be used to perpetuate the idea of a gold digger? Would it have the same affect if it was a male hand?


  1. I don't really think you can "stretch" when it comes to reading meanings of ads. Everything we see in media has some type of multiple or hidden meaning, something that the creator might not have even intended for.

    I definitely agree with the fact that the woman's hand does look like she is reaching out for something. I agree with the idea you brought up that it looks like a hand that is pampered and is a "gold digger."

    Also, when looking at this ad, I think the presence of a female hand also suggests that women are the ones who typically want a divorce, or are the instigators of the divorce. I think that also sends a negative message about women.

  2. I agree with your analysis that the manicured hand of the woman reaching out seems to allude to her holding her hand out for some kind of settlement.
    I think the ad is unfair to women because it sends out a message that only women want divorce and when they do, they are looking to earn money from it.
    I think that the pop culture/celebrity divorces out there also contribute to the idea because we would always hear from the news if a celebrity divorces and they discuss how much money the woman end up with.