Thursday, March 22, 2012

Media Moments - Roseanne Barr runs for President

Prior to our future discussion in class on Roseanne Barr, I came across an interesting article related to her. In a time of political unrest, everyone is beginning to believe that they too can do a better job as President. Roseanne being the outspoken entertainer that she is, decided that she is going to run for the presidency.
It is not uncommon for an actor to become President. There was Ronald Reagan who was an actor before being a politician.

Being that Roseanne is stubborn, hard headed, and comedic do you believe that she can run the country?
Or do you think that she is not serious and this is a publicity stunt?

1 comment:

  1. Ha! This is funny! I don't know whether this is a publicity stunt or not, but I think with her inspiration and motivation to make the United States a much better country, she's off to a positive start! Could you imagine if she become President?! 'Stubborn' is not that great of an attribute, but Roseanne Barr sure isn't afraid to speak her mind! What do you think??